Harlem Irving Companies continues to reflect a spirit of innovation, excellence and efficiency that helped it start strong and grow stronger. Development, leasing, management and marketing experts comprise the talented Harlem Irving Companies’ team of professionals who are driven to succeed. Their combined experience and commitment to high standards create the best possible results for tenants, partners and shoppers.

Our Team

Michael A. Marchese

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

In his 50 years of dedication to Harlem Irving Companies, Inc., Michael Marchese has been instrumental in formulating and implementing the company’s growth and holdings. His current responsibilities as CEO include supervision of all financial, leasing, development, marketing, and operation efforts. His involvement in various projects has been vital to the company’s success.

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Richard D. Filler

President & Chief Operating Officer

As President and COO for Harlem Irving Companies, Inc., Richard “Rick” Filler oversees the entire development process. His responsibilities include land purchase, entitlements, negotiations of anchor tenant leases, financing, and construction. Rick draws on a broad range of expertise to ensure each project’s success.

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Gregory E. Fix

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

As Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Harlem Irving Companies, Inc., Gregory “Greg” Fix is responsible for all legal matters regarding land acquisition, big-box site development, commercial real estate financing, and lease negotiations. He is also a member of the Senior Management Committee, which sets policies and procedures for the company.

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Vincent G. Forgione, CPA

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Designated Managing Broker

As Vice President of Finance for Harlem Irving Companies, Inc., Vincent “Vince” Forgione performs the asset management for the company’s residential mixed-use developments and its hotel property. He provides operational management during all phases of the for-sale housing developments. He also oversees the preparation and analysis of development budgets and income projections, assisting the CFO in obtaining both construction and permanent financing, as well as managing staff performing construction accounting and reporting.

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Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer

As Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer for Harlem Irving Companies, Inc., Zelka Gasich is responsible for all accounting functions and financial reporting of the company’s retail and residential portfolios. Zelka oversees HIC’s banking and treasury management and also plays an integral role in the budget process for the retail properties. She serves as the primary point of contact with CPA firms for tax preparation and reporting. Zelka also assists in Risk Management programs including broker negotiations and program design.

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Lawrence A. Gerlach, MBA, CPA

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Lawrence “Larry” Gerlach serves as the Vice President and CFO of Harlem Irving Companies, Inc. His responsibilities include real estate finance, corporate credit lines, accounting and financial reporting, as well as project proformas and lease analyses. In addition to his fiscal duties, Larry is a member of the Senior Management Committee, which sets policies and procedures for the company.

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Nathan W. Adams

Director of Construction, LEED AP

As Director of Construction for Harlem Irving Companies, Inc., Nathan “Nate” Adams is involved in all facets of design and construction from early project design thru occupancy and initial building operations. As the primary project point of contact for Harlem Irving Companies, Nate plays pivotal roles in the company’s construction projects from early design, budgeting, permitting, construction, occupancy, and initial building operations. Nate has been an instrumental figure in several notable HIC Chicagoland properties including Willowbrook Town Center redevelopment, 811 Uptown, Ravenswood & Lawrence, 10 North Main in Mt. Prospect, as well as 4th Street Lofts and 270 Hennepin (located in Minneapolis, MN).

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Joseph M. Krolopp

Senior Director of Construction, LEED AP

Joseph “Joe” Krolopp serves as the primary director of construction management operations and activities. As the Senior Director of Construction, he is the focal purchasing agent responsible for bid document development, contractor prequalification, contractor selection, and contract execution. His work is pivotal in construction preplanning. It includes reviewing constructability, engineering, safety, scheduling, and field coordination site logistics of Harlem Irving Companies’ various properties.

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Wayne Marks

Vice President of Leasing

As Vice President of Leasing for Harlem Irving Companies, Inc., Wayne Marks is a seasoned leasing professional responsible for all permanent leasing at Harlem Irving Plaza (HIP), as well as for Harlem Irving Companies’ other popular shopping centers. Wayne plays a major role in HIP’s current exciting redevelopment project, where new tenants are now open. Wayne is also involved in bringing fresh retail opportunities to HIC’s multifamily retail residential properties.

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Anne Militante

Director of Specialty Leasing

As Director of Specialty Leasing, Anne Militante is responsible for the short-term leasing and specialty income production for Harlem Irving Companies’ retail properties. This includes in-lines, pop-ups, RMUs/carts, kiosks, beverage and entertainment vending, event and amenity sponsorships, promotional events, advertising, and filming.

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Krishma Punjabi-Gheewala

Manager of Corporate Finance

As Manager of Corporate Finance, Krishma Punjabi-Gheewala is an integral part of Harlem Irving Companies’ finance/accounting team. She is responsible for all cash flow analysis relating to the retail portfolio. Other responsibilities include loan facilitation as well as lender and investor communication.

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Thomas J. Randall, CRRP, CRX, CSM

Vice President & General Manager

As Vice President and General Manager for Harlem Irving Companies, Inc., Thomas “T.J.” Randall is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the company’s retail portfolio, which includes Property Management, Specialty Leasing, Marketing, Security, and Operations. T.J. also oversees the corporate insurance, human resources, and information technology initiatives.

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Colleen N. Rolloff

Vice President of Leasing

Colleen Rolloff is involved with the entire leasing process for Harlem Irving Companies’ retail portfolio. Her responsibilities include marketing to prospective tenants, merchandising analysis, and lease negotiations. Colleen has been instrumental in leasing projects that include Willowbrook Town Center, Washington Square, Kendall Marketplace, Quarry Plaza, Hickory Creek Marketplace, and The Emerald.

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Mara C. Russiaky, CRRP

Director of Corporate Marketing

As Director of Corporate Marketing for Harlem Irving Companies, Inc., Mara Russiaky oversees the popular marketing promotions, events, advertising, and gift card program for the company’s flagship Harlem Irving Plaza (HIP), a vibrant shopping center with 140 retailers. As part of this, Mara often appears on local news segments to promote the center’s events, programs, and fashion. She is also responsible for marketing and promoting the recent major redevelopment at the center.

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