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A History of Leadership

Est. 1954

Harlem Irving Companies was established in 1954 with the development of Harlem Irving Plaza, a 300,000 square foot shopping center on Chicago’s northwest side. One of the first major shopping centers in Chicagoland, “The HIP” opened with 44 stores.

A series of phased expansions and renovations ensued, transforming the company’s flagship property into its current status as a bustling 705,000 square foot enclosed regional shopping mecca that caters to a trade area of more than 1 million residents. Today, The HIP features popular department stores as well as over 140 specialty stores and boasts average sales per square foot in excess of $550.

The early leadership of Harlem Irving Companies recognized the importance of being active in the burgeoning shopping center industry, and The HIP became the 89th charter member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in 1957. In the six decades that our flagship property has evolved and flourished, Harlem Irving Companies has grown exponentially.

Another monumental Chicagoland project that Harlem Irving Companies developed was University Village. HIC (as part of the South Campus Development Team) partnered with the University of Illinois to revitalize the area adjacent to UIC known as Maxwell Street. The neighborhood was transformed and includes 900 residences, as well as urban parks, retail, academic facilities while maintaining the historic preservation of the neighborhood. University Village is a beautiful development which extends over 58 acres, and was awarded the City Development of the Year Award in 2002 by the Chicago Sun-Times. HIC integrates this same philosophy used at The HIP and University Village into all our renowned developments.

HIC integrates this same philosophy used at The HIP and University Village into all our renowned developments.

“Since its inception, Harlem Irving Companies has been a “build to own” developer. This philosophy is reflected in the high level of quality that goes into the design, construction, leasing, financing, marketing and maintenance of our properties. Our approach to our projects speaks to the generational and long-term strategy that has been the hallmark of our organization.”

Richard D. Filler
President & Chief Operating Officer, Harlem Irving Companies