Harlem Irving Companies

Est. 1954

Our proven success strategy includes a commitment to Community, Leadership, Partnerships and Performance. With this foundation, Harlem Irving Companies is able to evolve continuously within the market without ever changing our values. Our aim is to construct the very best commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties without ever allowing ourselves to become complacent.


Community is at the heart of everything we do. Harlem Irving Companies has a responsibility to enrich the daily needs of our residents, because they are the lifeline that will ensure future growth. From the very beginning, HIC made a commitment to use our human and financial resources to help enrich the lives of those in the cities and communities where we have a presence. It is fundamental to the way we do business.


At Harlem Irving Companies, a close-knit team of seasoned professionals provides years of combined experience in development, leasing, managing and marketing both commercial and residential projects. It is these skilled and knowledgeable individuals that maintain the company’s standard of excellence in every project undertaken.


We have a responsibility to align with remarkable industry partners. These important partners share our commitments: to deliver the type of retail environment customers always want to shop at, and partners committed to creating beautiful residences that people are thrilled to call home. We also have a responsibility to other vital partners including our investors. At HIC, we pride ourselves in ensuring our projections and development plans meet their expectations.


The success of Harlem Irving Companies along with our partners is the result of an uncompromising commitment to excellence with every project. Year after year, we strive to succeed in creating value and solid results for retailers, investors and business partners through continuous evaluation, improvement and effective management of our assets.

“A commitment of excellence to our company associates, investors, lenders, retailers and most importantly, our customers, has always been what defines us as a company. Regardless of the business climate with which we may be confronted, the focus of our organization must be to maintain this same commitment at all times.”

Michael Marchese
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Harlem Irving Companies